E1S25 – Assassins Sweepstakes

Featuring the talents of Jeb Wrench (@JEBWrench), Fox Lee (@munchlaxregrets), and Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) as they talk about videogames both new and old.

This week: Yo ho yo ho, it's a pirate's life for we! Jeb starts us off on a talk about Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, which turns into a sprawling conversation about the franchise entirely! And then? Well, some audio goes missing because of Canadians who don't know they're not American and set of fireworks!

Content Warning: Contains lots of rude words.

Theme Music By Nu Vagus.
Morse Code sounds from FreeSounds.Org.

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  1. Premmy says:

    Fuck you Talen,That movie was the best Turtles anything ever

    1. Premmy says:

      Except for when Casey died, that was Bullshit

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