The whole story around FFXIV V1 is fascinating

S3E18 – If It Is Broke Fix It

Featuring the talents of Jeb Wrench (@JEBWrench), Fox Lee (@munchlaxregrets), and Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) as they talk about videogames both new and old.

Welcome The Listener to September! Accidentally a topic emerged as we got sidetracked to talk about games that started out not so good but got much better. Meanwhile Fox catches everyone up on Yuri Jam Swans, as well as a little more talk about Sonic Mania - you may have heard of it. In a Retro Gaming News twist, we look back at what Microsoft promised at E3 in 2014.

Content Warning: Contains lots of rude words.

Theme Music By Nu Vagus.
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Recorded with Zencastr.

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