The Sunshine Policy


Here at the Downloadable Concept podcast, we are nerds. Nerds are, broadly speaking, people who care about things in a very sincere way. We care about things like Croc and Sonic The Hedgehog song lyrics and the way the shooting mechanism in Spec Ops The Line sucks and which Fire Emblem couples have the best narrative chemistry, I dunno. That’s okay, that’s what we all do as nerds. We care about things, and we care about them honestly.

It should be a surprise to nobody that nerd culture has big problems that start when this desire to be wholeheartedly invested in a thing turns into a defensive need to attack people. It’d be very easy for our podcast to just degenerate into hour-long fests of us complaining about things that are awful. There are always awful things going on in gaming.

In order to push against this instinct, we have the Sunshine Policy. Our podcast doesn’t aim to ignore the greater issues of gaming; but the aim of Downloadable Concept is to promote the good in gaming. It’s to remind us of the good things, the humanising things that videogames offer. We will, at times, be angry at things, we’ll be angry at people, we’ll talk smack about corporate entities and we’ll do all these things knowing that we primarily want to be positive.

Still, it is worth making it clear that this little podcast of ours wants to be an exercise in joy, to be inclusive and to appreciate the things that make games meaningful to us all.

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