S1E7 – Downloadable Content

A typical episode of DLC is about two hours of audio record pared down to about one hour, and is usually a matter of arranging segments together and avoiding tangents that aren’t interesting. With our last episode, however, thanks to Compufreak, we had a bumper crop of info. Rather than pare away from some of the deserving names he told us about at Indiecade, we made the choice to keep as much of it in as possible, hence the show being so large.


There’s even more stuff, including an interesting ten-minute digression talking about Boston. Here are some outtakes for you to enjoy.

Please [Do Not] Come To Boston


Bret Hart

Flo Rida’s Penis

Talen’s An Ignorant Schmuck

Iron Chef Consultancy

Rejected Stinger

Compufreak’s Alternate Opener

Fox’s Disappointment

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