S4E2 – Gex And Mortal Kombat Are Basically The Same Thing

Featuring the talents of Jeb Wrench (@JEBWrench), Fox Lee (@munchlaxregrets), and Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) as they talk about videogames both new and old.

Hello and apologies for the delay, The Listener! You may have been worried about our absence but we are back, and the only thing to worry about is Talen's French speaking. In this episode we discuss the missing month of games, which surprisingly enough is only in part about Monster Hunter World. A strange series of events lead us to talking about Gex, and well, you can see where that led us.

Content Warning: Contains lots of rude words.

Theme Music By Nu Vagus.
Morse Code sounds from FreeSounds.Org.
Recorded with Zencastr.

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