Good Boys

S4E3 – March Backwards Into Heck

Featuring the talents of Jeb Wrench (@JEBWrench), Fox Lee (@munchlaxregrets), and Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) as they talk about videogames both new and old.

Another month and we are back again The Listener! Personal and scheduling conflicts have messed with the recording opportunities but we made time to do a Podcasting just for you! We start off with a diversion about board games and their unpleasant relationships with colonialism before catching up on another month of videos game. For anyone interested in that thing what Jeb is on about, you can check out the FF4 Free Enterprise website here!

Content Warning: Contains lots of rude words.

Theme Music By Nu Vagus.
Morse Code sounds from FreeSounds.Org.
Recorded with Zencastr.

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