Tails Action Figure

S3E22 – Drop Test

Featuring the talents of Jeb Wrench (@JEBWrench), Fox Lee (@munchlaxregrets), and Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) as they talk about videogames both new and old.

Happy November, The Listener! We've got a special treat for you, as we sorta discuss current gaming news in the form of World of Warcraft Classic. There's some talk about rage quitting, Jeb is back on their Neptunia kick, and Fox gets surprised by a dog. Retro Gaming News pays respects to the Kinect, which is more than we can say about its launch titles. Spoilers - There's a Sonic.

Content Warning: Contains lots of rude words.

Theme Music By Nu Vagus.
Morse Code sounds from FreeSounds.Org.
Recorded with Zencastr.

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